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Steve Lyda for Town Council Place 4

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Steve Announces He's Running for Place 4





FLOWER MOUND – Steve Lyda announced today that he will run for Place 4 on the Flower Mound Town Council. “After last year’s overwhelming show of support, residents urged me to run again for council.”  Lyda says, “Our resident’s number one priority is protecting the quality of life in Flower Mound. This is evidenced by the level of concern and resident involvement brought forward at recent Council meetings.  I want to work to take the Council’s focus back to the people of Flower Mound.”


Lyda, a twelve year resident of Flower Mound, believes a key aspect in maintaining Flower Mound’s quality of life is to strengthen Flower Mound’s oil and gas ordinances, and to oppose the further industrialization of our community.    “Mineral rights owners have a right to access their minerals, but not while sacrificing the health, safety, and welfare of other residents.  Increasing gas production and putting in drilling wastewater facilities is not the type of development we need to bring into Flower Mound.”  Lyda says, “Throughout this election, do not be fooled by other candidates claiming to support your interests while they have a record of supporting the gas companies.” Lyda, noting his strong showing in the previous Town Council election continued, “Had fifteen residents voted the other way in last year's election, our residents would not be forced to continue to come to lengthy Town Council meetings to fight for a safe environment in which to raise their children.  Never take your vote for granted; the future of our town is dependent upon citizen involvement on election day.”


Lyda currently serves as Chairman of the Flower Mound Transportation Commission.   “Roads and infrastructure are vital to the Town’s success.  We need to listen to the citizens and address the needs of our community,” Lyda said.  “Resident input is paramount to the decisions facing our community and citizens  need to continue to be involved in the decisions made about the Town.  Their input should be given careful consideration.”


Lyda is an advocate of  SMARTGrowth and the Town's  Master Plan.  He also stressed his belief that by focusing on bringing in quality, sustainable development that fits in the scope of our community will help increase our sales tax base and keep tax dollars in Flower Mound.  Lyda said, “Increasing the sales tax base helps us to keep our property taxes one of the lowest in the area, and allows us to continue to make Flower Mound a first class destination to live and shop.”


A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Steve Lyda has worked as a software engineer for 15 years.  He is also currently serving as chair of the Wellington HOA Finance Committee and as treasurer of the Summit Club of Flower Mound. Steve has been married to his wife Amy for twelve years, and they have three children together: Allie (6), who is in the first grade at Wellington Elementary, Aubrey (5), and Austin (3).