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Steve Lyda for Town Council Place 4

Leadership in Industry….

Leadership in the Community….

Leadership you can believe in!




Leadership You Can Believe In





Steve Lyda will work to:


Stop the industrialization of Flower Mound – Steve is concerned that the focus of the Town Council has been to increase the number of industrial projects instead of projects that will benefit the entire community.   He believes strongly that oil and gas drilling is not the kind of development we need to bring to Flower Mound.   Our residents want new, sustainable businesses in Flower Mound.  The Town Council should seek to attract the retail that people want.


Keep Gas Drilling Out of Our Neighborhoods – Steve supports the rights of mineral owners to access their minerals and develop their property.  However, development must be done in a responsible manner so as not to affect the health of residents, especially our children; our property values; and the Town’s tax base.  Steve will work to protect residents’ health, safety, and property values by doing everything he can to keep industrial facilities away from our neighborhoods.


Restrain Spending to Maintain a Low Tax Rate – Flower Mound has worked hard to keep taxes low.  In this recovering economy, Steve believes that we must remain vigilant about our Town’s expenses.  The Council must follow a conservative approach to the budget so taxes will not have to be raised nor Town services cut.


Support SMARTGrowth and the Master Plan – The Master Plan of the Town is the guide to how we want Flower Mound to grow in the future.  SMARTGrowth provides the means for assuring that we have adequate infrastructure to support future growth.  Steve is adamant that we must continue to follow and protect this vital plan that helps maintain our Town’s excellent quality of life.


Listen to Residents and Respect Their Opinions – The Town Council must continue to focus on the residents – they are the essence of our community and what makes Flower Mound one of the best places to live in the nation.  People have a right to stand up and have a say about what happens in their Town.  Their opinions should not be taken lightly.   The majority on Council has let the lobbying of out-of -town businesses drown out the voices of our own residents.  As your councilmember, Steve will be open, honest, and fair.  He will also seek to improve communications between the Council and you, the people that Council represents.


Focus on Transportation – Flower Mound has taken a direct approach to transportation issues with the creation of the Transportation Commission.  Steve is honored to have been elected Chair of the commission by his peers.  Steve knows that maintaining our infrastructure is key to the well-being of our community and brings people and businesses to Flower Mound.  With the roadway expansion projects to the south of Town, traveling in and out of Flower Mound will become more congested in the future.  Steve supports expanding the role of the Transportation Commission to address this issue and to develop our transportation options.